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Big Smoke Burger | Exclusive Representation Across Canada

Northwest Atlantic (Canada) Inc. Brokerage is proud to announce our newest retail partnership with Big Smoke Burger.

Big Smoke Burger is a fast casual gourmet burger concept that opened its first location on King Street in Toronto in 2007. The brand features grilled-to-order burgers (beef, veggie, chicken and lamb options) made with fresh premium gourmet ingredients that are sourced locally when possible, along with hand-cut fries made fresh every day and cooked in transfat-free canola oil along with onion rings, hand-spun milkshakes, house-made sauces, traditional poutine and a selection of unique beverages.

The brand has seen some rapid growth with 13 locations presently operating in Canada across the GTA, Ottawa, Niagara, Winnipeg, Calgary and Burnaby. In addition to the domestic growth, the chain entered the United States market in 2013 and the Middle Eastern market later that same year.

MTY Food Group Inc. acquired the Big Smoke Burger brand in 2015 and are currently planning a national expansion program in partnership with Northwest Atlantic. Big Smoke Burger is looking throughout Canada for 400-500 square foot food court units in major shopping centres, as well as 1,400-1,800 square foot street locations and inline units that benefit from strong pedestrian traffic.

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