New Client Announcements 2016
Shaping Canada's Retail Landscape

L'Intervalle | Exclusive Representation Across Canada

Northwest Atlantic (Canada) Inc. Brokerage is proud to announce our newest retail partnership with L'Intervalle.

A Montreal based brand with a focus on quality and European-made products, L'Intervalle has quickly distinguished itself as a cult favourite footwear label. Inspired by a need for home-grown, non-mass produced goods, this Montreal brand pays homage to craftsmanship and time honoured techniques. L'Intervalle's esthetic is anchored in a respect for raw materials and quality.

L'Intervalle designers draw inspiration from ready-to-wear and street fashion, market studies, analyses of trends and travels in major European cities fulfilling a mission to satisfy the space between high-end and promotionally priced footwear by offering a quality, affordable, on-trend product.

Currently, L'Intervalle is open in 6 locations in Quebec and 1 location in Ottawa. L'Intervalle, in partnership with Northwest Atlantic, is looking for locations that are 1,200 to 1,500 square feet in size in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto.

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