Building & Maintaining Retail Value

Wine & Beyond

Ideal Size: 18,000 - 25,000 Sq.Ft.
Type: Regionally Dominant Power Centres
Preferred Market: Western Canada
Established: 2012

Wine & Beyond is Canada’s newest premier destination liquor Super Centre, stocking over 6,000 wines, 2,500 spirits and 1,800 varieties of beers from around the globe. In addition to liquor, Wine & Beyond offers an impressive selection of bar accessories from gift bags and corkscrews to wine glasses and decanters.

Professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff is part of the Wine & Beyond experience. Staff is knowledgeable in each of the liquor categories with special emphasis on regional knowledge, as well as food and wine pairing and party planning. Their tasting bar offers food pairing and cocktail recipe ideas along with the opportunity to discover new wines.