Building & Maintaining Retail Value

Teriyaki Experience

Ideal Size: 375 - 450 Sq.Ft.
Type: 20' minimum frontage
Preferred Market: Canada
Established: 1986

The experience begins here! In 1986, Teriyaki Experience opened their first location in the Promenade Mall in Toronto, ON. The small beginnings allowed them to cultivate and develop the unique Asian-inspired cuisine that they still deliver today. In 1993, Teriyaki Experience began to cook with water as an option for their guests – allowing them to offer a healthy and unique alternative to traditional fast food. In 1996, they were ecstatic to announce the opening of their first international location at the Yum Yum Tree Food Court Exhibition in Bahrain. This ushered in a new age for Teriyaki Experience. Since then, they have continued to expand in Canada, as well as opened locations in the USA and Europe. In 2011, they celebrate 25 years of providing unique, healthy and delicious Asian-inspired alternatives to your average North American fast food!