Building & Maintaining Retail Value

Cinnzeo Bakeries

Ideal Size: 200 - 600 Sq.Ft.
Type: 15’ - 20’ minimum frontage, 200 - 250 sq. ft. kiosks, 400 - 600 sq. ft. in-line
Preferred Market: Canada Major Markets
Established: 1987

Northwest Atlantic (Canada) Inc. Brokerage is proud to announce our newest retail partnership with Cinnzeo Bakeries.

Cinnaroll Bakeries (Cinnzeo) are a Calgary based business with over 25 years of baking 
experience and are proudly Canadian.

Established in 1987, Cinnzeo focuses on serving freshly baked, oven hot, gourmet Cinnamon Rolls and freshly made coffee in a warm and inviting setting. Their Canadian retail stores are well situated in high traffic mall locations in Canada. Cinnzeo franchises have expanded internationally and you can find Cinnzeo bakeries in Mexico and throughout the Middle East.

The brand has 12 locations across Canada, 6 locations in Mexico and 54 locations within the Middle East. Their growth around the globe has been phenomenal, proving that Cinnzeo’s baked onsite - all day approach provides a unique guest experience, delicious Cinnamon Rolls and is a successful formula wherever it’s applied…from Saudi Arabia to British 

Cinnzeo Bakeries is looking throughout Canada for 200-250 square foot kiosks or 400-600 square foot inline food court units with a minimum frontage of 15-20’ in major shoppings centres that benefit from strong pedestrian traffic.


For further information on Cinnzeo Bakeries, please visit